Artwork Panoply

Welcome to my homepage. By clicking on PORTFOLIO to the left you can access my art work in these media:
(1.) Traditional art. Works on canvas in either acrylics or oils
(2.) Hand painted river stones. Can be used as paperweights, decorative art objects and make a nice small "thank you" gift. Stone size ranges from 1" to 5". Larger sizes sometimes available.
(3.)Decorative Pots & Flower Pots. Outdoors ideal for a garden or fantasy garden. Indoors as a decorative pot or for your indoor potted plants.
(4.) Digital works composed completely on the computer and available signed, numbered and in limited editions.
(5.) "The Orchid Series". Photographs of orchids that have been gently altered/enhanced using computer software.
(6.) "Orchids in the Raw". Photographs of orchids that are untouched by computer software except for the blacked out background.

Should you find a work on this site that you like and wish to purchase, please contact me directly by email at Each work comes with a certificate of authenticity. ENJOY!